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It always begins with you.

Our intimate relationships hold the keys to parts of our souls that long to be fully expressed.

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Julie Ward
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Julie Ward
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Julie Ward
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About Me

I’m Julie Ward.
I Help People Become Better Versions Of Themselves.

I offer deep insight and wisdom on life’s most challenging relationships. From career to family and intimacy. I deliver sessions in a light-hearted, earthy manner through unique private sessions and group workshops to men, women and couples.

Julie Ward

One of my healing passions is in my role as Mamma Bear, protectress of animals and I've been known to have baby raccoons on my bookshelves or adult geese preening in my tub. This embodied connection to nature and nurture keeps my felt-sense of life and love intimately attuned.

Julie Ward


What Clients Are Saying

  • Amy F


    Finding Julie was such a gift. I was in a very dark place in my marriage and knew I wanted to find love between my husband and I, but kept hitting walls. I had tried couples therapy and although it was helpful, I knew I needed one-on-one support to find out what was going on within myself. I can’t believe how quickly and how deeply Julie sorted me out! She tailored our time together in a way that worked perfectly with my needs and my schedule and allowed for a more intensified experience that I had ever received in therapy. Julie helped me to look at myself and my relationship in ways that had never occurred to me. The positive shift in my marriage happened quickly and has had lasting effects. I feel gratitude for our time together every day!

  • Kelly H


    I recommend Julie to anyone who yearns for something more in their career or personal life but hasn’t been able to get there on their own. If everyone had a life coach like Julie then the world would finally be at peace.

  • Lois W


    The biggest thing I gained out of my conversations with you is a loving, engaged husband who supports me in my great big goals in life.

  • Selena A


    And now…. I am in a loving, respectful, lasting relationship with a wonderful man I adore and the best part, I haven’t had to settle. In fact, my man proposed to me yesterday because he realizes I am the kind of woman he wants to share his life and raise a family with. You have kept me grounded, sane, in touch with my femininity and I have you to thank for starting this exciting new journey in my beautiful life. Gratitude always!

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